Friday, February 21, 2014

Taking Home The Gold!

I couldn't possibly let the Olympics pass by without somehow incorporating that into my lesson plan. I did some research and couldn't quite find what I was looking for, so I created my own Olympic-themed literacy unit.

Rather than titling each activity, I named them after Olympic sports... figure skating, bobsledding, ice hockey, etc. Each "sport" was timed and the kiddos (now each representing a different country) were competing against each other.

To start the week off, I asked the kiddos if they have been watching the Olympics on tv. I asked which was their favorite sport and tried to get a feeling for how much they knew about the Olympics. Then I explained what we'd be doing for the week.

I handed them each a country card (which I assigned at random... otherwise there would be a lot of arguing and complaining!) and for the rest of the week, they were no longer boys and girls... they were countries. I gave them each their special Olympic book marks and encouraged them to read an Olympic-themed book at home this week. I apparently didn't get any pictures of the bookmarks, though. Oops!

One day at a time, we conquered the "sports". The kiddos had so much fun competing in pretend sports and earning gold star stickers (kept on the back of their country card) for a chance to win a gold medal.

 At the end of the week, I tallied up all the gold stars each country had earned and announced the winners. I had printed out the medal template on different shades of "gold" paper, punched a hole through the top and tied some yarn through.

The kiddos were all so anxious to see who would be getting the gold medal... but then were quite elated to see everyone got a gold medal!

We had a lot of fun learning about the Olympics (how/when they started, how often they are, what sports are included, etc.), practicing our fluency and comprehension skills, drilling trick words and winning gold medals. My favorite part was how they all worked together as a team!!

If you're interested in purchasing this unit from my TpT store, click on the image below. I may be making some revisions to it in the near future and adding a few more things so if you purchase it now, you'll automatically get the updates for free!

Olympic-Themed Literacy Centers/Small Group Activities

USA all the way!

~Miss B.~

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