Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Time To Celebrate!!!!

I'm super stoked right now... I just hit 200 "likes" on my Facebook page!!! As promised, to thank you all for your support, now through April 26th, I'm now running The Great BOGO Sale!!!

Here's how it works: after you make a purchase from my store, send me an email at:

Be sure to include 1) your name, 2) your TpT username and, 3) your total spent in my store. Whatever you spent, you will receive a credit* in that amount to spend in my store. You pick what you want for your free items and I will email them to you.

*Note: The credit must be spent before the end of April... otherwise it will expire.

So, for example, say you name is Suzy and you just spent $10 in my shop. You'd send me an email saying something like this: 
     "Hi Miss B. My name is Suzy. My TpT name is Suzy's Munchkins and I just spent $10 in your store." 
Then I would write you back something like this: 
     "Hi Suzy! Thank you for your purchase. You now have a $10 credit for my store. What would you like to get??" 
Then you'd pick what you want (equaling $10), let me know and I'd email that/those item(s) to you! Easy peasy!!

And just to make this celebration extra fun, I'm hosting a LINKY PARTY!!!!!!! My son asked if he could choose the theme and I said YES! His choice: ROBOTS!!! You can link up anything... any subject, any grade, any activity.... free or paid (Or OnE oF eAcH!!!)... as long as it has something to do with robots or includes robot graphics. So LINK AWAY, my friends!!!!

Thanks, again, for being a part of this celebration. I'm so grateful for Y-O-U!!!


  1. Miss B., thanks for inviting me to be apart of your linky party. Thanks, Gwyn

  2. So fun! Glad I got to be a part of your linky party! Thanks! -Suzanne