Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring "ING" Activities

Several of my kiddos have been struggling with the "ing" suffix. They keep wanting the "i" to be long... so "walking" is (walk-EYE-ng) and "paying" is (pay-EYE-ng). I tried to come up with fun ways to practice the ways to use (and pronounce) suffix "ing".

First up this week was a word search. The kiddos teamed up with a partner and worked together to find the "ing" words. But before they could circle the word, they had to read the word to each other. Then when both partners were done, after they could read all of the words to me, they each got a sticker. (Stickers really motivate in my class!!)

Next up was a word transformation activity. They were given a list of base words. They had to read the word out loud, add suffix "ing" to it and write the new word in the space provided. Once they finished transforming the words, it was a competition to see who could make complete sentences using the most "ing" words possible. Oh boy! That was a blast. Their sentences were hilarious!!!

Next week we'll be working on correcting the spelling of misspelled "ing" words, rainbow tracing "ing" words and putting together an easy reader/flipbook they can take home to practice with.

I've listed both a FREE sample version and a reasonably priced full version in my TpT store if you'd like to grab it for your own class. I created them with my 2nd grade intensive/intervention students in mind... but these could be used as a BOY refresher for 3rd grade or anytime during the year for 2nd grade.

You can grab them by clicking on the pictures below.

Spring With Me - A suffix "ing" FREEBIE Activity SAMPLE Set
FREEBIE/Sample Version
Spring With Me - A Suffix "ing" Activity Set
Paid/Full Version
And on a completely unrelated note, next week is AIMS for us. *nail biting* It's my first year administering the tests... this is both exciting and very nerve racking. haha. Please tell me I'm not alone in this! ;-)           

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