Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Can See The Finish Line!

As a mom, I am trying... really trying... to give my very all and push through these last few days of school. I work at my son's school so I have to at least appear to have my head on straight. Every day my son is asking if we can just stay home and I so badly want to say YES!

I mean, let's face it, enough is enough. I am ready for summer. I'm ready for a brain vacation (of sorts... course we know an actual brain vacation would never be allowed!) and ready for a little down time. I'm ready to stay in my jammies all day long and spend my afternoons by the pool. I'm ready to go 2 full months without checking homework and getting clothes, water bottles, lunches, snacks and backpacks ready to go each night.

I feel bad, I really do... but I am so ready for summer!

So coming across this blog post from Jen Hatmaker... well, let me just say I feel darn good! I'm so glad I'm not the only mom "limping toward the finish line". Thank you, Jen, for putting in to words what I could not.

--> Jen Hatmaker - Worst End of School Year Mom Ever <--

Just a few days left, Moms & teachers... we GOT this!!

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