Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vowel Teams To The Rescue!

Whether you're doing Wilson's Fundations or not, I'm sure you understand just how complicated those vowel teams (vowel partners/diphthongs/etc) can be. My Title 1 kiddos really (really!) struggle with them. So I created various vowel team sets to help make learning those vowel teams a little more exciting.

Most of the sets are designed with a picture to help us remember the vowel focus.

For example, my OU/OW Vowel Team set has band-aids and ambulances to remind us of the "ow" sound in "owie".

Vowel Team: OU & OW

My OA/OW/OE set uses snowmen to remind us of the "oh" sound in "snowman".

Vowel Team: OW, OA & OE

The OI/OY team (also known as diphthongs) can be really tricky. This set uses cowboys to help us remember the "oy" sound in "cowbOY".

Vowel Team: OI & OY

The EA/EE/EY set uses bees because of the "eeee" sound in "bee".

Vowel Team: EA, EE & EY

My AI/AY set was the first set I made so they don't have a picture helper. They are football-themed to go along with the vowel "team" theme.

Vowel Team: AI & AY

I'm still working on the rest of the vowel teams. There's still so much work to be done. But, once I am done, I'll make all of the sets available as a bundle at a discounted rate. (I love discounts!!)

My kiddos LOVE using these sets. I will talk more about how I use these sets another day but for now, let me just say this... my kiddos are reading more words now than they ever have. I'm so proud of them... and so happy these sets are helping them learn their vowel teams!!

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