Friday, July 11, 2014

Five For Friday - July 11, 2014

I keep seeing all these "Five For Friday" posts each week and had to find out what the heck it was for. Now that I know, I'm going to attempt to join in the fun! So here goes...

I've developed quite the spray paint addiction. First I spray painted a picture frame, then a chair and now everything in my house seems to need a "makeover". Yesterday, I finished my son's bed makeover. I'm not a fan of wood colors... black is more my style. He requested colored strips on his bed, so this was the compromise! 

I got a new pair of glasses. It's always so hard to tell what they are going to look like on me since I'm practically blind while I'm trying them on. These are a bit "nerdy" and not typically my style... but they're growing on me. Oh, and they're BLUE (which of course you can't tell from the picture). I'm living life on the wild side! ;-)

In a random streak of incredible luck, my son and I stumbled upon this SUPER fun playground while taking a road detour. This hidden gem brought us a great deal of fun. I'm looking forward to stumbling upon purposely visiting this playground again.

I reached my first big milestone on Teachers Pay Teachers... my store now has more than 100 followers. So I did a little giveaway and linky party on my blog. That was super fun!

I may have totally geeked out reacted like a normal, mature adult when I saw this new KG font. I mean seriously, how cute is this?!? There's much fun to be had with this font. And I LOVE the name: Only Human.

So, that about sums my week up. This has seriously been so much fun. A great time of personal reflection... and now you know a little bit more about me! Have a lovely weekend!! :-)


  1. Spray paint scares me, but you did a great job with it.

    Kinder Princess

    1. Haha! Well thanks! But why does it scare you? I thought I wasn't crafty enough to use spray paint for a loooooong time, but then I tried it and now I'm hooked! :-)

      Beckie (aka Miss B.)