Monday, October 13, 2014

Desktop Organization... Yes, Please!

Several months ago, I saw a picture on pinterest of someone who had created an organizer for her desktop. It was very plain and simple... but it served it's purpose. I loved the idea. I just wanted more. More colors, more graphics, more fonts... ALL of it!!!

So I started playing with some designs for my computer. When I got bored, I would change it.

Every time I'd whip my computer out somewhere, someone was asking me how I did that and how they could get one for their computer. I've found a few simple ideas online... some free, some cost a dollar or two.  But then it hit me.... what about a different design for every month of the year?!?!?!?! 

I'm already listening to Christmas music (don't judge me!!) so I started with a Christmas design. After test driving it on my own computer, I figured I'd take on the task of making a set for the whole year.

{Surely I'm not the only one that enjoys changing desktop designs frequently. Right?!?!}

Anyway, here we go... 12 different designs... one for each month of the year. Of course, if you love a design so much, use it for more than one month.... use it for a whole year! Or you can switch them each month. However you want to use them, it's up to you.

Click on the image to see this item in my TPT store!
I've also included an editable file in case you want different headers than the ones I came up with. And guess what? It'll be 50% off for the first day or two. So grab the set now while it's super cheap!!

And because you made it to this point in my post, I have a FREEBIE for you! Click on the image to download a "Building Brick" Desktop Organizer.

Never, ever get bored with your desktop again. Never, ever go crazy trying to find the icon you need.  I know I never will! ;-)

Happy organizing!

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