Monday, June 29, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge- Week 2

This week, we've been asked to dream... to think about what selling through TPT means to us and what we hope it will allow us to do in the future. Can I just say... this was SO much fun!! Seriously, to think about how much I've been able to do because of TPT already... and then to think about what  could be my reality... I'm excited!! :-)

First, I want to be able to take a family trip to Disneyland. As a child, we went a few times and I remember having so much fun. My little one has never been... and I think he's old enough now to enjoy (and remember) it so I really want to take him!

Then... our car. It's an "OK" car. It's been through a lot with us. It's protected us from accidents... gotten us to places we needed to be... and kept on running despite all it's defects. But it has seen better days and won't be living much longer. And it's small. REALLY small. Granted, there are only 2 people in my family... but with sports and school and work and charity events, etc.... we need more space! Badly!

As a single momma (and a teacher)... it's enough of a challenge just providing for basic needs. I do it... don't get me wrong... but there's not much room for extras. In fact, up until this past Christmas, our family had never had a vacation. Ever. In the 10 years our family has existed. The only reason is money... or lack thereof. So my dream is to be able to take 2 vacations every year. Whether its just up north to play in the snow, driving a few hours to the beach, or heading out of state to visit family... two full-on vacations (staying in a hotel, two night minimum, relaxing and enjoying a break from everyday life) every year... would be a dream come true!

Lastly, buying my first home. We've been blessed to be able to rent our home the past 3 years... it's a nice home, but has many problems so I don't want to even think about buying it. And honestly, even if I could afford it now, I'm not ready to buy. I'm handy... but not handy enough to fix pipes or electrical issues or big things like that. Someday, though, I want to buy a home close to my minion's school... with a big (low maintenance) yard for him to play in and lots of kids in the neighborhood for him to play with.

Overall, financial security is my dream. And while I don't make enough on TPT to quit my day job (not that I'd even want to), it's exciting to think that someday, I could!

I'm grateful for TPT... a place where I can share my creativity with all of you. And I'm grateful for all of you that purchase my goods. I honestly have so much fun designing things for the classroom and I'm so honored that my creations are in so many other classrooms around the world. Super stinkin' cool!

And just because, I thought I'd share a FREEBIE with you! Just made this banner for my class library and now you can have it too! :-)

Click on the image to download from TPT.

Until my dreams come true...


  1. My son is a single dad. I remember when he told me he was saving up for a dining room table so his 2yr old daughter would know how to sit at a table & eat dinner "as a family" like we did. Made me cry! I wanted to go out & buy him a table! was his dream..and HE did it! YOU will get those vacations! Start cutting out pictures of where you want to go & put them in your fridge. You will see them EVERY day! I know You will make it! HAVE FUN! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  2. Love your dream of 2 family vacations a year. I have such fond memories of my trip to Disney when I was a kid.

    Thanks for sharing your dreams!

    The Crescent City Classroom