Saturday, July 11, 2015

DIY Canvas Pencil Shoes

I saw someone post a picture of pencil shoes on Pinterest and immediately fell in love... so I had to make a pair for myself. And though it's extremely simple to do, I figured I'd post a tutorial so you, too, can make an awesome pair of pencil shoes. The perfect shoes for the first day of school... if I do say so myself. I can't wait to show mine off!

**Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer and these pictures are a little on the dark side, but you get the idea!**

First, the supplies.

I already had a pair of canvas shoes but the tag was still on them so you can see they were pretty cheap... less than $6. I also have a huge supply of acrylic paints so didn't need anything there. The only thing I had to buy was more brushes... but these are gonna last me while.

To get things started, I figured I'd trace my lines with a pencil. I'm sure I could've eyeballed it but I wanted it to be as even as possible on both sides.

There's absolutely no reason why, but I started with the tan color first. I think I was just anxious to get all the zig zags out of the way. 

Then I did the black tip.

Then the yellow pencil part.

Then the pink eraser part.

I let everything dry for about 20 minutes before doing the silver part. Why? Well, because I wanted to add glitter to it but didn't want the glitter getting mixed in the other colors. I mixed silver glitter with the silver paint and then painted the remaining strip.

These are the paint colors and glitter I used. For the glitter, I just mixed a couple pinches in with the grey paint I was using.

**UPDATE! My Kids LOVE them. Anytime I'm not wearing them, they ask me to wear them tomorrow. Teachers have asked me to make some for them. I'm telling you... they're a total HIT!!**

My friend, Denise, did hers a little differently... without the zig-zags... so here's another way you can do yours.



  1. Totally adorable! Thanks for inspiring! :)

  2. Can't help but smile and giggle....just may try these. :-))

  3. Hi,
    Love this tutorial ! I will follow your blog and on Facebook probably.