Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classroom Reveal 2015

Eeek! Finally the blog post I've been waiting for... CLASSROOM REVEAL!!! I have to be honest... my classroom is not quite done yet. I have had to rearrange my room several times and am still not entirely sure I have it the way I want it. 

I don't have an actual theme, per-say, but since I am stuck in a box don't have any windows, I was going for as bright and cheerful as possible. Loved the idea of rainbow colors (plus PINK and AQUA, of course!) and a black background to make the colors pop. So that's what I tried to keep as my "theme". But alas, without further adieu, here's my room!

***Disclaimer - due to lack of windows and not-so-great camera phone, pictures do the room no justice. While viewing the pictures, please be sure to imagine BRIGHTER and HAPPIER colors than what you think you are seeing! Thank you.***

First, my hallway... the way it is TODAY, anyway! Thanks to my super fun "shape monsters" activity (more on that another time)...

Let's start with the back of my room. It's my FAVORITE part of the whole room!!! My "reading rainbow", "days in school" and "daily focus" wall...

Moving right along to my "morning meeting" area...

And the dramatic play/art area... we have a bunch of puzzles, blocks, art supplies and, of course, our PUPPET THEATER which we got from a DonorsChoose project!! Since we have a small room, everything is kinda jumbled together. But it's working ok for us so far!

A view from another angle...

These "family trees" are a HUGE favorite in our class. Anytime the kids finish something early, they love getting to sit in front of their tree and look at their family... or chat with a friend about their family. Super cute!

I also just put up this "Shoe Sheriff" area for my kiddos that learn how to tie their shoes! They will get a "Shoe Sheriff" badge displayed on the wall and a certificate to send home for their family to see. Still need to make all of the "badges" for displaying.

And now, "the rest"! ;-)

And here it is today, at the end of the day... chairs all stacked so the floors can be vacuumed!!

Thanks for taking a tour of my classroom with me. I can't wait until it's completely finished... then I'll be so, so, super duper happy! But really, for having no windows, no budget, and no real clue what I'm doing (LOL!), I am quite happy with how it is. I get lots of compliments on how "warm" and "inviting" it is... and the kids love it... and I love it... so I guess that's really all that matters!

This classroom reveal was brought to you by #2getherwearebetter. Thanks, Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners for hosting!!

Until next time...


  1. I LOVE the rainbow curtain! I'm going to mention it in my periscope later! Squeee. LOVE IT!

    -Jess aka
    Thanks for showing us so many great details in your classroom! I loved it!

    -Jess aka

    The Whimsical Teacher

  2. I love your classroom and I LOVE that you are my child's teacher! Gunner is one lucky boy to have you :)

    1. You are so sweet!! But I am the lucky one... he's seriously one of the sweetest little humans I know. I'm so happy I get to see him every day! :-)