Monday, September 7, 2015

Not-So-Scary Shape Monsters!

This week we did a review of shapes. Most of my kinders knew OF the shapes, but didn't recall which shape was what. So we needed some practice.

I did a little Google magic and came across this fabulous post from House of Baby Piranha and LOVED it! So I spent the night cutting out a million lot of various shapes using my neon Astrobrights paper. (Have I mentioned how much I LOOOOOOVE Astrobrights paper?!?!?!) I wanted the colors to really stand out.

The next day, we reviewed shapes again. I spread out all of my cut-out paper shapes on a table and told the kids they could ask for whatever pieces they wanted... by shape name only. This was tricky for some but before long, they all caught on.

So a million lot of cut-out shapes and a few bottles of glue later... and we now have some gorgeous monsters hanging up in our hallway!

I happen to think our bulletin boards are ADORABLE and am SO happy with how our shape monsters turned out. And I think it made "shape review" extra fun for the kiddos, too! :-)

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