Sunday, July 3, 2016

ABC Countdown

Finishing up the school year with an ABC Countdown was so much fun. It gave the kids (and myself) something fun to look forward to each of our last days together. Even the parents got excited, too!

I've seen some teachers start with A and end with Z, and vise versa. It was my first time doing it so I wasn't really sure which was better, so I started with A. As it worked out, our last day was "ZIP and ZOOM into summer".

I threw everything together rather quick. It was a last minute "a-ha!" moment for me. I started with a calendar, which I sent to my parents on Dojo and in a flyer.

The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. Below are a few pictures of the days. I started out with beautiful photo collages of each day... and then as they days became more and more hectic, the pictures were fewer and farther between.

All in all, it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun! I just kept reminding myself that this was their first year in school and it should finish on a totally positive note. So even when I was tapped out and didn't want to plan an activity, I didn't give up. Every kiddo should have a fabulous year in Kindergarten! Plus, to be honest, keeping busy with this kept me from getting to emotional about my babes growing up and moving on.

Did you do an ABC Countdown? Will you be doing it this year? I'd love to hear about your experience with it.

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