Monday, October 17, 2016

Such a BRIGHT idea!

Have you seen the finger lights at Dollar Tree? They have become one of my FAVORITE tools for small groups and centers. The kids love 'em too. They're always asking when we can use our finger lights.
I use them mostly for reading centers but also for tracing letters, shapes, numbers, words, etc. They come with a strap around the back so they stay on the kiddos finger like a ring. To be honest, they are kind of hit or miss... in a pack of 4, there's usually 1 that doesn't work. So I always buy more than I think I need. Any leftovers end up in my "Treasure Box". 

They're 4/$1 at Dollar Tree but I found them in bulk on Amazon... they're a little bit cheaper. Check them out here

If you haven't used them already, you need them. Trust me. They are a real game changer!